Hina’s Atelier stand by a strong code of ethics and principles.

An avid supporter of ethical fashion, all elements produced for the collection has been created in conditions that are fair and safe for workers. Hina, herself directly sources the material to obtain the best quality and also to ensure child labour or unfair practices are not employed. The fabric mills and the fabric designers affiliated to the brand also work with other top luxury global brands who advocate high quality fashion without the use of exploitation.

Hina’s Atelier supports small scale industries, family run businesses and aims to keep alive centuries old craftsmanship. Our fabrics are tested and are all free of cancer causing dye.

We recognize that fashion models serve as a role model and those we employ are not underage or too thin, we believe that good health is beautiful.


We do not use any leather or fur in our designs.

Quality and finish is of utmost importance and this is never compromised on.

Whether she is a daughter, a mother, a wife, or all three, she is always all woman.
Hina’s Atelier is you.
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