Fabrics used are factory made designs designed by Hina and her designers with the fabric mills and exclusively created for Hina’s Atelier. Quality is of the utmost importance and all fabric is thoroughly checked, if workmanship is not to a high standard, the fabric is not accepted.


Many of our pieces display detailed embroidery, all of it is hand made, like her fabrics, and embroidery designs are made exclusively for Hina’s Atelier. This is achieved by working with the most skilled embroiderers, whose skills and knowledge have been passed down through the generations, running the family business. The best material are sourced, samples created and recreated until it is perfected.

Logo Inspiration

I take  inspiration from  everything  around me. Welll  before the inception of the brand, on a visit to the Kings  Palace   in Vietnam , I took a   picture of the good luck sign on a beautifully coloured window that caught my eye. Years later, the image   became   the original inspiration for the logo with a slight variation, a H in the top and an A in the bottom. It appears to be a mirror reflection but is not, the A on the bottom is slightly thicker than the H…..as always, tiny details is what makes a great brand.


Logo Ribbon

O ur pieces do not have prominent display of the brand log, look into the interior and you will find the the logo ribbon discretely sewn into the hemlines. This is our signature style and look.