Hina’s Atelier-The fashion label is A Spanish brand, was launched by designer Hina Madhumal in Shanghai in 2013. The beautifully structured RTW luxury wear uses fabrics that’s made especially for the fashion house, in Italy . Hina’s Atelier was conceived because of love for inspiring fashion, art and beauty. Her definition of
fashion is simple, romantic, arty, fun and the trade mark style of Hina’s Atelier is modern, soft, contemporary and feminine.

As Hina herself is a perfectionist, every single detail has been defined considerably and finely sewn, which could also been seen as her unique signature logo running through the inside of all her dresses.

The main concept of this line is designed to fit women , who are mature luxury users. It also involves laboriously tailoring a fashion piece because not all women can be closeted into clothes that just don’t do any justice to them. A fashion product be it clothes or accessories should highlight the best features. It should revolve round the woman and be synonymous with her identity.

It should define, not underline. it should consciously emphasize. keeping that simple motto in mind. It appreciates beautiful fabrics, specially focus on the selection of materials and architectural cutting, which can keep women’s figures thinner, tummies flatter but be comfortable to wear. Hina’s Atelier works with crafters from Hand-loom industry, helping to combine the simple patterns and transforming them into interestingly vivid choices
for cosmopolitan women

The muse of Hina’s Atelier is always a lady and independent, strong ,feminine and open-minded. she is a diva who can wear and carry off the clothes. She knows what she wants and understands her own value. She is beautiful and perfect the way she is , and for being responsible for all the roles she plays. Hina’s Atelier is about luring the bold, sexy, and glamorous woman hiding inside every meek and timid girl.
This is not just another fashion house, it’s about enriching the industry as well as the customer by crafting classic pieces that a woman can wear and combine and appreciate as many times as she likes. Classic pieces in her wardrobe that she can reach out to as any times as she likes . Hina’s Atelier wants to restore fashion to its rightful place: a platform for all artists to thrive.